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I have been interested in art since my youth in Australia, a fact attested to by many schoolbooks and course notes adorned with thousands of sketches and caricatures. Though never professionally trained in fine art, I have had cartoons and illustrations published in magazines and military base newspapers throughout Canada. I’m interested in painting in various mediums, specializing in marine and aviation art subject matter.

Over the years I have had several aviation paintings accepted into public art displays in venues such as the National Aviation Museum and National Archives of Canada. I have also been active in the Canadian Aviation Artists' Association (CAAA) as one of its founding members and currently I am the public relations officer for the association.

Although marine and aviation art will always hold a special interest for me I am working on developing my talent in other subject areas such as landscapes and portraiture. Since my wife, Bev, and I moved to the Okanagan Valley we have been captivated by the outstanding attractiveness of this area that will no doubt provide artistic motivation for many future paintings.

I am now a reserve officer (Lieutenant-Commander) in the Canadian Forces having served as a member of the Reserve and Regular forces for twenty-nine years as a radar operator, ship’s officer and public affairs officer. My experiences with the Canadian Navy have taken me to many seas and parts of the world including the former Soviet Union, Europe, Central and South America, throughout North America and the Caribbean while serving in 14 ships of the Canadian Navy and one of the Italian fleet. I have also served with Canadian Forces contingents in Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo. Through my service in the Canadian Forces I have also seen much of Canada, having lived in Vancouver, Victoria, Halifax and Ottawa and traveled extensively throughout the country. My experiences with the military have included service in Winnipeg during the Manitoba flood, St.Jean, Quebec during the Great Ice Storm and in BC during the 1998 and 2003 forest fires in the interior of the province. From all these experiences I have learned a visual appreciation for the differing land, sea and skyscapes of our world.

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